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About Us

We have been hosting Fayetteville AR-area martial arts birthday parties that kids love for years.

Our goal is to offer birthday parties that are a blast for kids and a joy for parents.

Birthday parties at our martial arts school are for kids from four through the teenage years.

Although we do a lot of birthday parties for students at our martial arts school, they are available to everyone. It doesn’t matter if anyone at the party has ever taken a martial arts class. Our focus is on putting together a great party — no matter if the kids have no experience with martial arts or are expert black belts.

At our birthday parties we take care of everything. You just invite the guests, tell them when to show up at our school and we take it from there.

All of our birthday parties are supervised by professional martial arts instructors who are experts in working with kids of all ages and have experience putting on a great birthday party. Your child and their friends will love the party and will talk about it for months.

And, you will find that a birthday party at our school in Fayetteville AR is virtually no work for you.

To learn more and find out what dates and times are available, please contact us.